Sunday, June 21, 2009

1 Year.

A year ago this month, I went to my first photography session with the Judd family. I was nervous, excited, and had NO idea what I was doing. A year later Seized Wonders is still going strong. I've learned a lot, made mistakes (sorry for those who had to be the victims of those), but in the end have grown to love photography even more. So here's to the passion. I hope everyone can find something that makes them as happy as photography makes me. It keeps me centered, it keeps me sane. Thanks for all the support! Here's a year in review. . . hopefully you can tell a difference from the beginning ones and the end ones.


Anonymous said...

So incredible Gina! I'm wicked proud of you! Words can't describe how talented I know you are!

Ronnie said...

Gina, I love love love your work. You've done amazing things with composition, lighting, and capturing, well, should I said, seizing simple wonders! Well done. You're going to do amazing things.

Ronnie said...