Friday, March 6, 2009

Blood Drive at PVHS.

I'm entering a medical photography contest for a club I'm in. So here is the first of 3 batches of pictures. If you have suggestions of other medically related situations I should go to feel free to comment. I can only pick one picture out of this batch, so any feedback would be great! thanks.


ahlin said...

i actually like the texting one and jen likes the first holding hands one. they're all so freaking good though!!!

p.s. me commenting on your blog=you commenting on my blog.

vicki said...

Man--I am so impressed! Your sis was braggin about you tonight so I had to check it out! What an artistic interpretation of something so potentially heebee-jeebeeish. Love the two embracing arms (bandaged) the best I think!

Kadee said...

A: the black and white one of jess and whoever is holding her hand.
B: the one of whats-his-face kissing lexa's forehead, its so cute!

Anonymous said...

Wow Gina! Those are great. I think you could win this competition. They are all good but my favorite ones are the ones of Jessica holding her mom's and the phlebotomist. I think the pictures are supposed to portray a career. So you would want the phlebotomist in the picture. Good luck. See ya next week.

Mr. Miller