Sunday, January 27, 2008

Finding the Light

In gorgeous St. George, in the dead of winter, there is a time of day unlike any other. Right before the sun starts to set, the red cliffs facing west are hit with millions of rays of light, causing drastic shadows. This is my absolute favorite time of day because everything is seen in a new light. So I grabbed Aubree and we tried to capture the beauty. I took a few hundred, but I narrowed it down to these few. Enjoy.

(Thanks for letting me use your camera Amber!)


Gillian said...

beautiful pictures. I especially love the heart ones. Your pictures are so inspiring. Keep up the beautiful work!:)

Larsen Family said...

Gina I love all the pics! I think my favorites are the tree with all the branches and you took it looking up. And the green moss rocks, I love the colors. But the rays of light through the heart are cool. My other favorite is the one of your friend as a shadow. What a great eye for detail and lighting... You hasve to take pics of my kids next time they will both be bugger free I promise.